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Mark our words: North Lake Tahoe doesn’t do boring. Summer, winter, spring or fall, we stuff our lives full of the events and activities that surround us; and we make sure those who visit Lake Tahoe's North Shore can dive in and enjoy themselves in similar fashion. So, what’s your speed? For some, there’s no satisfaction until every muscle has been drained of every ounce of energy that was present when the alarm clock went off at o’dark thirty .

For those parties with 2 adults and 2.3 children, you can all enjoy a perfect mix of exploration and play, no matter if it’s summer or winter. And then some of us take pleasure in the North Shore that features a bit more leisure. One that’s a touch more refined. A little less hectic. Amen.

That’s how the following pages play out. For those with a hankering to go, or those with children in tow, you’ve struck pay dirt. For those into quiet and calm and dynamic relaxation, enjoy this simple journey. If you’d like a few suggestions, check out our Itineraries for ideas, locations, Lake Tahoe activities and other remarkably useful essentials.


Use the Search and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Or, check out Lake Tahoe's Activity Tickets,  your one stop for information about Lake Tahoe activities and events. You can get instant tickets and reservations for Lake Tahoe, Reno and Carson City area activities, events, music concerts and entertainment - many at a discount. You can also visit the Events Calendar and learn what’s taking place during your stay. Whatever your speed, the North Shore has your ticket covered.

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