North Lake Tahoe is home to miles upon miles of gorgeous Sierra Nevada wilderness, and we offer endless trails for hiking and exploring all of it. Whether you’re peaking at right about 10,000 feet or taking a relaxing stroll along the shores of Emerald Bay, every trail offers spectacular views of lakes, mountain tops and Sierra wildlife.

· Hiking Trails (a list of trails for beginners to experts)

· Hiking Trail Maps at a Glance

· Sierra Front (recreation coalition promotes, develops and provides access to recreation opportunities)

· USDA Forest Service (maps and information on trails including Tahoe Rim Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail)


10 Tips for Safe Hiking

  • Respect our beautiful and fragile Sierra environment by observing all signs and staying on designated trails and roads. Please do not cut switchbacks. Stay out of any construction or roped off areas.
  • No smoking, please! The fire danger in this area is very high during the summer.
  • Carry along plenty of clean water and a snack or energy bar. Never drink directly from a stream, unless you are proficient with water purification methods.
  • Always bring an extra layer of clothing. Peaks are often cold and windy even on a sunny day, and Sierra Nevada weather is always subject to change.
  • Beware that even on cloudy days it is important to wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses for protection from the high altitude rays.
  • Always let someone know where you are hiking ahead of time and bring a cell phone for emergencies. Never hike alone if you can avoid it.
  • Make sure to check dog regulations ahead of time when bringing your pet hiking with you.
  • Keep an eye out for mountain bikers and horseback riders. Move to the side and let them pass, as you are the most mobile on feet.
  • Please stay off chairlifts and towers. During summer maintenance, lifts may be started without warning.
  • Seek shelter during thunderstorms. Stay off ridge tops and away from tall trees, lift towers, and large rock outcroppings, as they can attract lightning strikes.
  • Leave no trace. Pack out what you packed in.




flora and fauna in the North Lake Tahoe area

Hiking the Sierra Nevada, by Barry Parr

1,000 Mile Summer, by Colin Fletcher