Alpine Meadows

Alpine Meadows is the calmer cousin of Squaw Valley and Olympic Valley. In fact, Alpine Meadows was developed in 1961 by a close-knit group of San Franciscans as an alternative to the faster paced neighbor a ridgeline over.

As ski resorts go, Alpine Meadows is a local's favorite, one spoken of by skiers and snowboarders alike with passion that borders on the fanatic
It must have something to do with the 402 inches of annual snowfall (longest season of any Lake Tahoe ski resort), and the powder that can be skied days after a dumping. And the tree skiing. And the bowls: You pickin' up what we're layin' down here?

As a community to visit and enjoy, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more relaxed, easygoing atmosphere, yet one that doesn't miss an ounce
of wow factor. Fly fishing Bear Creek is life changing. As is the biking, hiking (Ward and Scott's peaks are genuine rewards), rafting and, of course, skiing.