Crystal Bay

Ever been in two states at the same time? The California/Nevada state line cleaves Crystal Bay and you can actually swim from one state to the other in the Cal-Neva Resort's swimming pool. Very cool party trick. The Lake Tahoe town of Crystal Bay overlooks its namesake and sits upon a tremendous granite-boulder-strewn point.

This is where Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Kennedy and Sam Giancana (the mobster whose presence brought Sinatra's casino adventures to an end) played here in the '60s. There are four lively casinos with the gamut of Lake Tahoe lodging and dining, plus a tremendous helping of live entertainment.

Other developments on Lake Tahoe's North Shore include the historic Crystal Bay casino corridor's significant transformation, with plans for an upscale destination resort on 14 acres that would include nearly 400 hotel rooms and fractional-ownership or whole-ownership condominiums. Stay tuned.