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Go Tahoe North is your hub for Lake Tahoe vacation rentals to meet anyone's style, taste and budget! You will find Lake Tahoe vacation rentals on all types of prestigious properties from cozy one bedroom condos to deluxe five bedroom vacation homes. We have everything from large family sized quarters to romantic lakefront honeymoon chalets. If you're searching for Lake Tahoe vacation rentals, we're the place that makes it easy!

Lake Tahoe vacation rentals for every occasion.

Make sure that you look through our specials for the best Lake Tahoe vacation rentals at amazing savings. Browse lodging accommodations in Alpine MeadowsCarnelian BayCrystal BayDonner Summit, Incline VillageKings BeachNorthstar,  Squaw Valley,  Tahoe CityTahoe Vista,  Truckee and West Shore.

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Go Tahoe makes it easy to find the lodging you want at the price you want to pay and even easier to reserve and book your vacation rental selection online. Browse through our assortment of adventure sports, entertainment and events, attractions and more. From casinos to golf courses and mountain biking  - we can help you plan the perfect getaway.

Our area is filled with fun things to do. You can plan side trips to a wide choice of fun and educational locations. You can tour the famous Vikingsholm. This magnificent "castle" is a unique blend of Nature's spectacular beauty and man's architectural ingenuity. Situated majestically among towering pines and cedars, it was built as a summer home by Mrs. Lora Josephine Knight in 1929. In Carson City, you can wander through a fascinating historic district with over 30 Victorian homes, churches, museums and other buildings of interest. Or, you can go back to the days of the gold rush at Virginia City.

We have activities for everyone, ranging from skiing to golfing. For the adventure-seekers, take a white water rafting trip on the Truckee River, or mountain bike on our many trails. For those looking for a more relaxing vacation, you can take a cruise on a classic wooden yacht or enjoy a guided horseback ride through the Jeffrey Pine forests.

We will help you find the best lodgingactivities and much, much more. Take advantage of our events calendar for special happenings and attractions. You can also sign up for our complementary travel planner service and special update newsletters.

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