Skiing + Boarding

Skiing and snowboarding are a vital part of the Lake Tahoe experience. Just take a look around, and you will discover world class skiing and snowboarding resorts throughout the Lake Tahoe area. Tourists and locals alike flock to Lake Tahoe for skiing and snowboarding adventures, it's no wonder some of the finest winter athletes around call Lake Tahoe home.  Among those who claim North Lake Tahoe their home are Olympic ski racer Julia Mancuso, and Olympic athletes Jonny Mosely and snowcross boarder Nate Holland. What, besides their zip codes, do they all have in common? They each started skiing and snowboarding at a young age. They progressed to the level of daring expertise that makes them famous skiers and snowboarders today, where hucking off cliffs and taking face shots is just another day on the job. Their lives are ultimate proof of the range of terrain North Lake Tahoe has to offer at each of its alpine skiing and snowboarding areas. We invite you, at whatever your ability, to discover what made these American ski icons who they are, and to share in the experiences they return to season after season.
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 Here is an awesome clp of the 2015 Rahlves' Banzai Tour. Racing in it's purest form.