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  • Taking a Tour of North Lake Tahoe’s Traveler Responsibility Pledge

    Written by Amie Engerbretson There is something magical about North Lake Tahoe— I don’t know if it’s something in that azure blue water or in the mountain air, but I do know that protecting it is more important than ever. Honestly? It can be hard to figure out where to start. North Lake Tahoe’s Traveler Responsibility Pledge outlines steps you…

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  • Meet TART Connect: The Sustainable and Convenient Way to Explore NLT

    TART Connect is here to take the hassle of transportation out of your summer 2021 adventures. This free, on-demand shuttle service brings you directly to where you want throughout North Lake Tahoe’s lakeside communities. With TART Connect, you can add new opportunities for adventures and exploration or sightseeing easily to your trip.  Launching June 24, TART Connect will be available…

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  • Tahoe Voluntourism: How You Tap Into North Lake Tahoe’s Sustainability Ethos

    Lake Tahoe is known worldwide for its jaw-dropping landscape—from its crystal-clear waters to the towering mountains that surround it. However, keeping the largest alpine lake in the country clean, safe, and pristine for generations to come is no easy task. For decades, both visitors and locals have been dedicated to the stewardship of Tahoe, protecting it through a combination of…

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  • North Lake Tahoe on Two Wheels – Taking Tahoe By Bicycle

    North Lake Tahoe is a truly special place. Few other regions in the world boast consistent bluebird skies and every kind of sport you could probably think of. Even fewer offer them pretty much all year round, inviting you to the thrill of an adventure from mountainside to lakeside all in the course of a day.  Among those sports is biking,…

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  • Protect Lake Tahoe Ranger

    Protect North Lake Tahoe: How You Can Take Action

    North Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its pristine water, crisp air, and inspiring mountain landscape has captured the imagination of millions over generations, and but for an increase in human activity over the years, the region is a shining example of nature’s beauty when well-preserved.   That preservation is no coincidence. As a community,…

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  • A child dines happily on pizza in a cozy setting.

    Explore the Mouthwatering World of North Lake Tahoe Dining

    If you’re familiar with  North Lake Tahoe, it’s likely you already know that it’s home to some of the most breathtaking natural sights in the world. You also probably know quite a bit about our top-tier lodging properties, downhill ski resorts, and the dual-season days that make spring in our region so exciting and unique. What you might not know…

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  • Winter Sports Are For Everyone: Tips for Beginners

    As one of the most beautiful and vast recreational spaces in the world, North Lake Tahoe has plenty of adventure for breaking a sweat outdoors. The region's downhill ski resorts have long drawn travelers from every corner of the earth to experience our exhilarating mountain paradise. This being the case, it's little wonder that the Lake Tahoe region—the crown jewel…

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  • Dashing Through the Snow: Your Guide to Getting Around North Lake Tahoe this Winter

    North Lake Tahoe’s 12 alpine communities offer breathtaking winter experiences each year, and since the roll-out of various transportation initiatives, getting around, parking and traveling safely has never been easier. Read on for how you can spend less time on the road and more time having fun! Winter Driving Tips Preparation is key to staying safe on the road this…

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  • Sugar Bowl skiing with a view of Donner Lake

    Planning to Visit North Lake Tahoe This Winter? Here’s What You Need to Know

    North Lake Tahoe is one of the most exciting and beautiful destinations in the world. It's little wonder why people from all over the world flock to our Mountain Paradise to enjoy the snowfall, downhill skiing resorts, outdoor adventure and much more. But while North Lake Tahoe remains just as epic as it's always been, the fact is that a…

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  • Dining in Lake Tahoe Winter

    Takeout Tahoe: Exploring Inspiring Spots to Dine On-the-Go in North Lake Tahoe

    There are at least two very important things that every Tahoe adventurer should take the time to explore during their visit to the region. The first, naturally, is our vast and exceptionally beautiful outdoor environment, whose breathtaking views, sweeping waterscapes and humbling mountain ranges have made this place the envy of much of the world. The second might surprise you—in…

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