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  • Go Fish in North Lake Tahoe 

    July 2022 As the largest alpine lake in North America, Lake Tahoe offers 39 trillion (that’s trillion with a T!) gallons of water to enjoy. That means there are a multitude of opportunities for a relaxing day of fishing.    Better yet, the North Lake Tahoe area, which spans both California and Nevada, features plenty of streams, rivers and other bodies…

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  • Maintaining Tahoe’s Stunning Clarity

    “. . . the water was not merely transparent, but dazzlingly, brilliantly so.” - a description of Lake Tahoe by Mark Twain, Roughing It (1871) If you’ve been to Tahoe you know one of its most famous features is its clarity, initially measured at 100 feet in 1968. Since then clarity has dropped nearly one foot each year and is…

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