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  • Go Fish in North Lake Tahoe 

    July 2022 As the largest alpine lake in North America, Lake Tahoe offers 39 trillion (that’s trillion with a T!) gallons of water to enjoy. That means there are a multitude of opportunities for a relaxing day of fishing.    Better yet, the North Lake Tahoe area, which spans both California and Nevada, features plenty of streams, rivers and other bodies…

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  • Boating on the Big Blue: Lake Tahoe

    Crystal blue waters, bluebird skies and summer conditions beckon many to the pristine shores of North Lake Tahoe. With its many ramps, buoys, private lakes and other boat-friendly amenities, it’s easy to see why Tahoe is a prime playground for boaters.   While play is definitely the order of the day, boating is a serious undertaking. Courtesy and safety are essential…

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