Lake Tahoe Fine Dining

Upscale Your Tahoe Dining Experience

Whether you are sweeping someone off their feet, celebrating a milestone with friends and family, or are simply wanting the finer things on your vacation, Lake Tahoe is a premier destination for an elevated getaway. For a true Lake Tahoe fine dining experience, look no further than these chic, upscale options.

World-class flavors merge with extraordinary natural spectacles to create something unforgettable. Dine on expertly crafted fare as you peruse wine lists with hundreds of luxurious pairing options, taking in the sights and signature service of the region. With many lakeside and mountainside eateries, you can ensure you will find the right one to suit all your gourmet desires. 

Exceptional food starts at the source. You can trust that each dish is prepared with the freshest possible ingredients, with an emphasis on local and fresh seasonal produce. From the simple to the extravagant, these options are sure to be a highlight of your trip.

Lake Tahoe Steakhouses


As you soak in the sights of Lake Tahoe’s enchanting natural environment, indulge in gourmet-level fare nestled among the mountains. With locally sourced specialty dishes such as elk chops, spiced lamb, succulent porterhouse steaks and more, the area’s upscale foodie scene is the perfect backdrop. A visit to one of these restaurants will make any occasion special in its own right.

Lake Tahoe Seafood


A convenient proximity to the Pacific Ocean allows Lake Tahoe’s best chefs to create masterful fresh seafood dishes. Take in a quiet moment on a sunset-painted patio overlooking the lake or warm up by the fireplace as you dine on a medley of flavorful sea fare, featuring a range of cultural influences from Australian to Hawaiian. Marvel at how seared scallops melt in your mouth, indulge in a refreshing ahi poke or delight in perfectly prepared sushi.

Lake Tahoe Vegetarian


Dietary preferences are no issue for many of Lake Tahoe’s gourmets. A wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options are available at most luxury dining spots, utilizing the stars of that season’s harvest. Fresh vegetables are transformed into mouthwatering meals such as saffron risotto, flame-broiled eggplant ratatouille, truffled cauliflower and more. You will be amazed at just how many incredible dishes start with the simplest of locally sourced produce.