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  • Tahoe City 4th of July Lake Tahoe Celebration

    How To Celebrate July 4th in Lake Tahoe

    Get ready for a spectacular 4th of July at Lake Tahoe, on both the California and Nevada sides. Lake Tahoe’s 4th of July celebrations are packed with activities all day long, from community parades and pancake breakfasts to live music and so much more. Read on for all you can look forward to on your 4th of July trip to…

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  • Lake Tahoe 2024 Summer Events Guide

    From up in the mountain and shore to shore, summer time is a great time to be in Lake Tahoe. Lounging lakeside, playing on the water, exploring the mountains, hiking, biking, paddleboarding and more are all part of summer in Lake Tahoe. Plus, there are all kinds of summer events like music festivals, dance performances, orchestra concerts, art festivals and…

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  • Lake Tahoe Hike

    Happy Trails: Where to Hike in Lake Tahoe 

    Lake Tahoe has long attracted nature lovers from across the world. Nestled in the heart of the Sierra Nevada, the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe are a breathtaking sight at any time of the year, whether you’re exploring in the snow or basking in the sunshine. One of the best ways to soak in all the beautiful views is…

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  • Top Accessible Activities in Lake Tahoe

    As one of the most beautiful regions in the world, Lake Tahoe has long enticed visitors from all over to explore its crystal blue waters and breathtaking mountain vistas. Lake Tahoe is accessible to everyone, including those with varying physical abilities. We've put together a list of accessible activities to enjoy during your stay.  Wheelchair-Accessible Trails in Lake Tahoe  One…

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  • spring north lake tahoe

    What to Do This Spring in Lake Tahoe

    As the days grow warmer, consider spending your spring in Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is best known for the sun-soaked summer afternoons that entice you to spend all day unwinding on the beach or paddling through the lake’s crystal blue waters. Or, perhaps you know Lake Tahoe better as the best place in Northern California and Nevada to enjoy snowboarding,…

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  • Spring Lake Tahoe 2024

    What’s New in Lake Tahoe Spring 2024

    It’s officially spring in Lake Tahoe, which means visitors can experience snowy mountain activities in the morning and sunny lakeside activities in the afternoon, allowing for twice the activities and twice the fun. Also known as “dual days,” spring in Lake Tahoe offers adventures suitable for all abilities and interests. Here’s the latest in Lake Tahoe for spring 2024, from…

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  • Lake Tahoe WinterWonderGrass

    What to Expect at Lake Tahoe’s WinterWonderGrass Music Festival

    Lake Tahoe will once again host the fun-filled WinterWonderGrass Music Festival, the 8th annual alpine celebration of bluegrass music and springtime in the Sierra. The festival will be held from April 5 – April 7, 2024, at the Palisades Tahoe Resort in Olympic Valley, California. Photo Credit: WinterWonderGrass WHAT IS WINTERWONDERGRASS? Fans of bluegrass and roots music can enjoy much…

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  • Valentine's Day in Lake Tahoe

    Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in Lake Tahoe

    Love is in the air for Valentine’s Day and Lake Tahoe is one of the most romantic spots on Earth. Gazing out onto a shimmering lake as the sunset casts a blush pink alpenglow on the mountains, it’s hard not to get that heart-swelling, lovey-dovey feeling. Allow us to set the mood with some of the most romantic experiences to…

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  • Sustainable Travel in Lake Tahoe

    Make a Clear Difference: Sustainable Travel in Lake Tahoe 

    It’s no secret that Lake Tahoe’s natural environment is absolutely breathtaking. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a longtime friend of the region, the first moment you breathe in that mountain air and gaze out over the lake's crystal-clear waters is magical. Lake Tahoe’s inherent beauty has attracted visitors for generations. In order to keep it preserved for generations to…

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  • New Year's Eve Lake Tahoe

    New Year’s Eve Activities in Lake Tahoe

    As 2023 draws to a close, we’re all trying to plan for the best way to ring in the new year. After all, starting on the right note sets the tone for the year ahead. So why not spend your New Year’s Eve in Lake Tahoe, surrounded by natural wonders? To make planning your holiday getaway easy, we’ve compiled a…

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