• Your Ultimate Guide to Emerald Bay

    Nestled on the west shore of Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay State Park is truly a standout within the region. With its crystal blue waters, panoramic vistas and verdant forests, it’s the perfect place to reconnect with nature and rediscover your adventurous side. This guide is your comprehensive companion to exploring Emerald Bay's enchanting beauty and alternatives with a similar vibe,…

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  • Lake Tahoe Paddleboarding

    Gear Up for Lake Tahoe Paddleboarding

    With pure blue waters like this, paddleboarding on Lake Tahoe is a call many are excited to answer. Both serene and invigorating, it’s a popular way to explore this unique lake. Paddleboards can be tricky to transport, so renting them is a popular option. Comfortable swimsuits or wetsuits, along with water shoes with good tread, are also gear you’ll want…

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  • Tahoe City 4th of July Lake Tahoe Celebration

    How To Celebrate July 4th in Lake Tahoe

    Get ready for a spectacular 4th of July at Lake Tahoe, on both the California and Nevada sides. Lake Tahoe’s 4th of July celebrations are packed with activities all day long, from community parades and pancake breakfasts to live music and so much more. Read on for all you can look forward to on your 4th of July trip to…

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  • Top Accessible Activities in Lake Tahoe

    As one of the most beautiful regions in the world, Lake Tahoe has long enticed visitors from all over to explore its crystal blue waters and breathtaking mountain vistas. Lake Tahoe is accessible to everyone, including those with varying physical abilities. We've put together a list of accessible activities to enjoy during your stay.  Wheelchair-Accessible Trails in Lake Tahoe  One…

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  • spring north lake tahoe

    What to Do This Spring in Lake Tahoe

    As the days grow warmer, consider spending your spring in Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is best known for the sun-soaked summer afternoons that entice you to spend all day unwinding on the beach or paddling through the lake’s crystal blue waters. Or, perhaps you know Lake Tahoe better as the best place in Northern California and Nevada to enjoy snowboarding,…

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  • Lakeside Activities for a Winter Family Vacation in Lake Tahoe

    A stunning destination year-round, Lake Tahoe is a premier spot for an unforgettable winter vacation the whole family will love. Once the snow begins to drift over the lake and settle on the mountain peaks, the charming towns of Lake Tahoe transform, making you feel as though you have stepped into a different world.   Plan your stay at one of…

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  • Visitor’s Guide to Lake Tahoe Fishing

    The secret is out. Fishing in Lake Tahoe is some of the best in the country. The deep, pure waters of the largest alpine lake in North America are teeming with trout, salmon and other sport fish. But with so many options, it’s hard to know where to drop in a line. We’ve put together this Lake Tahoe Fishing Guide…

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  • Mother's Day North Lake Tahoe

    What to Do this Mother’s Day in North Lake Tahoe  

    Mothers are meant to be celebrated. Help your treasure find a treasure of her own by spending Mother’s Day in North Lake Tahoe.   Around here, spring brings its own kind of bouquet as fresh mountain air from the Sierra Nevada creates a gentle breeze over the water. With the striking amount of fresh powder dropped this year, there’s still opportunity…

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  • Lake Tahoe’s Year-Round Kayaking Adventures

    Updated March 2023 Lake Tahoe is a breathtaking destination for just about anyone, especially while out on the water. The area’s surreal natural beauty is hard to find elsewhere. Still, it’s one thing to see the stunning crystal-clear waters, picturesque coasts and surrounding mountains in pictures and videos and another to experience them in person.  That’s why kayaking is a great…

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  • Take Time to Enjoy the Gems of Lake Tahoe 

    The best things in life are meant to be savored, and Lake Tahoe is the perfect place to do that. When retirement or hard-earned vacation time grants you the extra time to do it, then that’s a perfect time to come enjoy the gems of Lake Tahoe.   Linger as you like near crystal blue waters and snow-capped mountains, and take…

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