Lake Tahoe Motels

Best Motels in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe motels are an easy, cost-effective way to experience the wonders of the region first-hand. These accommodations offer a more budget-friendly home base for guests. Motels are also more likely to be privately owned, often lending themselves to more personal care and unique amenities, especially in the Lake Tahoe area.


Find Affordable Adventure in Lake Tahoe Motels

Motels in Lake Tahoe are a welcoming choice for many, including those who prefer to travel more simply, saving on accommodations and allowing vacation budgets to go further. With outdoor obstacle courses, shopping and the beauty of Lake Tahoe’s 12 unique towns all nearby, you’ll want to be sure to book enough time to take it all in.

Each Lake Tahoe motel has its own personality. For a nautical touch, try one of the region’s many charming waterfront motels. Or you can appreciate the alpine themes and cozy atmosphere of the mountainside motels. 

As most Lake Tahoe motels tend to be on the smaller side and privately owned, you’ll find that the staff can be very accommodating for personal requests and are happy to provide local insight on things to see and do. Even better – there are many pet-friendly motels.