Lake Tahoe Beaches

Hit the Beach in Lake Tahoe

When it comes to Lake Tahoe beaches, there are miles of scenic shoreline to go around. Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America at 22 miles long and 12 miles wide, boasting a wide variety of both public and private beaches. North Lake Tahoe in particular has several private beaches you can gain access to with a stay at a hotel, resort, motel, vacation rental and more.

North Lake Tahoe also has nearly thirty public beaches available for everyone’s use. They include Kings Beach State Recreation Area, Sugar Pine State Park, Sandy Beach, Sand Harbor and many more. Many of these beaches are completely free to use, and a few require a small fee to park.

Although they all share a piece of the shoreline, each Lake Tahoe beach has its own vibe and amenities. Depending on your crew and your agenda, here are some ideas on which to check out.


Family-Friendly Beaches

Fill your day with playtime on beaches that meet your littles’ needs best. Sand Harbor has awesome boulders for climbing and is great for crawdad fishing. In the summer, it’s where they host the Summer Shakespeare Festival. Insider tip: This beach is also one of the best places to bear witness to Lake Tahoe’s stunningly clear water. Dive in, grab a kayak or paddleboard and go see for yourself.

The beach with the most play potential is Kings Beach State Beach Recreation Area. There are slides, a jungle gym, and public bathrooms, which are all pretty essential when traveling with kids. The shoreline is also more shallow and gradual here than most Lake Tahoe beaches, which makes it slightly warmer and safer for new swimmers. There’s also a large shaded area and a volleyball court with a view to enjoy.

At four acres, Commons Beach has a lock on the most family-friendly beach with the most room. It has a playground, picnic benches and a grassy area to play in, and is one of the many venues for Lake Tahoe’s summer music festivals. It also has the added bonus of being right across the street from downtown Tahoe City, which means there are many shops and restaurants nearby.

Lake Tahoe Beaches
Dog-Friendly Beaches Lake Tahoe

Dog-Friendly Beaches

Even dogs get their day along the peaceful shores of North Lake Tahoe. Coon Street Picnic Area and Beach is where you want to take your fur babies for a romp along the shore. Dogs are allowed to splash in the water and frolic on the beach and in the nearby wooded area.

Although they’ll need to be on a leash at these beaches, both Secret Harbor and Chambers Landing Beach are perfectly pup-friendly places to enjoy a long walk and some healthy splash time. Make sure to keep play responsible by being courteous to other beachgoers and picking up after your pet.

Relaxing Beaches Lake Tahoe

Beaches for Relaxing

There’s something calming about North Lake Tahoe in general, but there are a few beaches that are especially tranquil and quiet. Secret Cove and Hidden Beach are perfectly tucked away and usually as serene as their names suggest.

For calming white sands and beach-perfect vibe head to Moon Dunes Beach. For peaceful scenery and easy access we highly recommend Meeks Bay Beach.

Adventure Beaches Lake Tahoe

Beaches for Adventuring

Some of the best Lake Tahoe beaches are only accessible at the end of a good, healthy hike. Skunk Harbor, Sugar Pine Point State Park and Skylandia State Park and Beach all have great trails for hiking and biking with a beautiful beach at the end to reward you.

You also might want to check out the East Shore Trail. It’s a hiking and biking trail that goes right along the lake, leading you from one beach to the next. It’s three miles long and goes between Incline Village and Sand Harbor State Park.