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Gear Up for Lake Tahoe Paddleboarding

Last updated: July 2024

With pure blue waters like this, paddleboarding on Lake Tahoe is a call many are excited to answer. Both serene and invigorating, it’s a popular way to explore this unique lake. Paddleboards can be tricky to transport, so renting them is a popular option. Comfortable swimsuits or wetsuits, along with water shoes with good tread, are also gear you’ll want to consider.

Where to Find Your Gear

Waterman’s Landing embraces both the chill and active side of the sport with a full paddleboard shop complete with a large year-round rental fleet and a tasty café for people to meet, sip, snack and relax. Located on gorgeous Carnelian Bay, you can take a paddleboarding lesson or tour, attend one of their signature paddleboarding events or even host a private party with them. Plus, the beach, café and standup paddleboards are all dog-friendly.   

Paddleboarding Gear at Waterman's Landing

Waterman’s Landing Picks

Match up the numbers in our paddleboarding collage to the must-have Waterman’s Landing products below.

  • 1: Stand up paddleboard.
  • 2: Sunscreen.
  • 3: Straw hat.
  • 4: Dog life jacket.
  • 5: Performance stand up paddleboard.
  • 6: Sandals.
  • 7: Beach towel.

Where to Go

Kings Beach is one of the best spots for paddleboarding with its easy launch access and beautiful shoreline. It’s the calmest in the morning and the early afternoon. Early mornings are also the best time for more solo time.

Carnelian Bay is another blissful spot to launch from. Named for the semi-precious red and yellow stones along the shore, it’s a rocky beach with free parking at the shared parking lot near the Gar Woods Grill and Pier restaurant.

Launch from Emerald Bay Beach to paddle Lake Tahoe’s most iconic bay. Emerald Bay offers panoramic views of the Sierra Nevada and opportunities for swimming and picnicking.

If you’re craving even more lake and river time, check out our On the Water page for recommendations on water trails, where to launch, boat and watercraft inspection tips, and more.

Make a Clear Difference

While you’re taking in all the unique natural beauty, be sure not to leave anything behind. If you’re bringing your own paddleboard, we also ask that you clean off any weeds before putting it in the lake to avoid introducing any invasive species.

There’s also a Tahoe trend for regenerative travel, where you not only sustain the area but leave it better than you found it. You could learn about the area at the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center, participate in a cleanup or in gathering research, or just shopping local.

TART Connect is a very eco-friendly way to get around Lake Tahoe. You just download the app to your phone, and then you’re hooked up to a free curb-to-curb, on-demand shuttle service.

There are so many inviting places to stay in Lake Tahoe with several right on the shore for even easier access to the lake. You can also stay further up the mountain or in any of the 12 surrounding towns. Check out more know-before-you-go tips to help preserve Lake Tahoe.