Sugar Bowl Resort

Sugar Bowl Resort


629 Sugar Bowl Rd, Norden, CA 95724

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In 1938 Walt Disney was among the visionaries who helped pick this picture-perfect location, and placed upon it the first chair lift in California. Because we were up here first, we naturally picked the best site. What Mr. Disney and his fellow adventurers found was a prime location near Donner Summit: a place of precipitous peaks, steep narrow chutes and wide open bowls. But more than that, they picked a spot that receives more snow than almost anywhere in North America. On average, receiving over 500 inches of feather-light snow per year. It also happened to be easier to get to than other sites in the Tahoe area. Once you discover Sugar Bowl, you'll see how the same man who brought the Matterhorn to Southern California, out did himself with a grander, truer alpine experience in the Sierras. One with lots more fun and tons more snow.