Wedding Services

North Lake Tahoe wedding and honeymoon services cover everything from local, experienced planners, to professional photographers, to the perfect salon and spa day, and even businesses that can customize items including cakes and invitations. North Lake Tahoe wedding businesses are here to help you make your day magic and memorable.

Wedding Consultants and Planners

You probably have a few ideas about your dream wedding, but only know the vacation side of North Lake Tahoe. Use us for our local network and extensive knowledge. We will get it done and make it fun.


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Many of your wedding memories will be shaped by the photography. Local North Lake Tahoe wedding photographers and videographers are expert in catching your day the way you want it remembered.

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Beauty Salons and Spas

For an absolutely picture perfect wedding party, you’ll need the professional attention your day deserves. Connect with the best that North Lake Tahoe has to offer for the pampering and prep you need.

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Cake Decorators

One of the most memorable parts of a wedding is, the cake. For a dessert that is as enchanting as the bride, connect with one of our local pastry professionals and you won’t be disappointed.

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Catering and Chefs

For food that is fabulous and doesn’t compromise or break your budget, North Lake Tahoe has a variety of resources to ensure your guests are well fed and your day is magical.

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Whether your vision is exotic, extravagant or traditional, the local floral professionals in the North Lake Tahoe area have the resources and expertise to bring you the breathtaking day you’ve dreamed about.

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Limousines & Carriages

If you imagine riding into the sunset in a carriage with four wheels or four legs, your North Lake Tahoe chariot awaits you.

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Music and Entertainment

For the best in local bands, DJs and entertainment, scroll and click to find the North Lake Tahoe group that will get your party on its feet for a rockin’ good time.

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Related Services and Vendors

For all of the details you can only trust to the best, scroll and click to connect with our North Lake Tahoe professionals. They can handle jewelry, gifts, rides, shuttles and any other wedding situation that might arise.

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