Gear Up in Lake Tahoe

Gear Up For Your Next Lake Tahoe Adventure

Get geared up and get out there. The natural beauty of Lake Tahoe awaits! Explore winter’s wonderland with cross-country skiing, trek into stunning views and the rich fresh air, take on some of the best mountain biking trails in the world or paddleboard on Lake Tahoe’s crystal clear waters. Lucky for you, you don’t have to choose just one.

Watch the videos below for tips from local experts to make sure you’ve got the right gear and that you know where to go for your next Lake Tahoe trip.


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Cross-country Skiing Gear

Lake Tahoe boasts the largest concentration of cross-country ski areas in North America. With so many places to go, it’s smart to plan ahead, making sure you have the right clothes, skis and poles to enjoy it. You’re welcome to bring your own gear or just head our way and rent what you need when you arrive.

Hiking Gear

The breathtaking Sierra Nevada that surrounds Lake Tahoe never disappoints. Whether it’s hiking on the shoreline along crystal blue waters or up into the mountains for waterfalls and awe-inspiring scenic views, these hikes are well worth the effort. The right shoes and clothes can make a big difference and you’ll want to check out extras like backpacks, water bottles and snacks too.

Biking Gear

You’ll find a strong biking community in Lake Tahoe. There are leisurely paths around Lake Tahoe leading to lakefront parks, shopping, restaurants and beaches. Mountain bikers will appreciate Lake Tahoe’s more adventurous mountain trails with unbelievable views. You’ll want to make sure you have the right bike for where you’re headed and you’ll be glad to have the right apparel and other tricks of the trade too.

Paddleboarding Gear

With pure blue waters like this, paddleboarding on Lake Tahoe is a call many are excited to answer. Both serene and invigorating, it’s a popular way to explore this unique lake. Paddleboards can be tricky to transport, so renting them is a popular option. Comfortable swimsuits or wetsuits, along with water shoes with good tread, are also gear you’ll want to consider.

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