D. L. Bliss/Lester Beach

D. L. Bliss/Lester Beach



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"Bliss Beach" is a beautiful, popular beach located within DL Bliss State Park. It is composed of two parts: the north portion is known as "Lester Beach" and the south portion is known as "Calloway Cove". This area is the northern portal to the famous Rubicon Wall, one of the deepest portions of Lake Tahoe, and the popular Rubicon Hiking Trail. It is adjacent to DL Bliss Campground. Beach goers can expect a gentle beach; however, there is no designated swim area and boat traffic is common. Arrive early, since the beach parking fills daily, often by 11:00 am. Once filled, visitors are not allowed to drive into the park, and must walk approximately 2 miles from the highway to the beach. No pets are allowed on the beach, and no fires are allowed anywhere outside of designated campsites. The access road is narrow and the parking is restricted, so trailers are not advised. The beach is adjacent to private property beaches, so be respectful of neighbors and remain on park property.