Transformative Travel in Lake Tahoe

Transform Yourself in Lake Tahoe

Be inspired to embrace new challenges and change your worldview through transformative travel. It’s a journey of self-discovery that begins with a retreat to Lake Tahoe. There’s no better place to connect with nature and yourself than the largest alpine lake in North America. You’ll start to see life differently as you take in pure blue waters nestled in the breathtaking Sierra Nevada. We offer plenty of activities designed to help you learn, stretch and grow. Plan a mid-week escape to Lake Tahoe and begin to break away from the ordinary.  

The Tahoe Rim Trail

Are you up for the ultimate hike? Take the Tahoe Rim Trail challenge.This 170-mile hike loops the Lake Tahoe Basin and a good stretch – 49 miles to be precise – overlaps with the Pacific Crest Trail. Push yourself to experience the views of a lifetime.

Running Lake Tahoe
The Broken Arrow Skyrace

Three days. Eight distances. One incredible race. The Broken Arrow Skyrace at Palisades Tahoe will transform your mind, body and soul amidst some of the most scenic terrain in North America.

Rock Climbing Via Ferrata Lake Tahoe
Alpenglow Outdoor Adventures

One of the most thrilling ways to experience Lake Tahoe is through a guided outdoor adventure. Hike to Frog Lake, go rock climbing, or challenge yourself with a tour of the backcountry with a ski guide.

Lake Tahoe Mountain Bike Race
Rose To Toads Mountain Bike Ride with TAMBA

This might be the best annual mountain bike event in the country. You’ll climb 8,000 feet in 65 miles, starting near Mt. Rose and ending with the legendary downhill called Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

Snowcat Lake Tahoe
Cat Skiing with Pacific Crest Snowcats

Attention advanced skiers and snowboarders, this is for you. Experience fresh, untracked Lake Tahoe terrain with an assist from a snowcat. This takes fresh tracks to a whole new level.

nordic race
The Great Ski Race

This inspiring ski event is all for a good cause. Your entry fee supports the Take Nordic Search and Rescue Team. The race is a 16.2 mile loop trail that’s machine-groomed with skating lanes. Fun for all skill levels.

Paddleboarding Lake Tahoe
Tahoe Waterman Lake Crossing

Stand-up paddle board racing is truly transformative. And the Tahoe Waterman Lake Crossing is a definite bucket list event. This 22-mile test of endurance crosses the length of Lake Tahoe. Start training now. 2024 dates will be announced shortly.

Biking Lake Tahoe

Plan the Perfect Transformative Travel Day

Lake Tahoe is full of transformative activities that will make an ordinary day extraordinary. To save you some planning time, we put together an itinerary that will keep you inspired from dawn to dusk.   

Outdoor Yoga

Practice yoga against the stunning backdrop of Lake Tahoe and experience a deep sense of calm and harmony. Join Tahoe Outdoor Yoga on the beach and water. 

Lake Tahoe Beaches

Best Beaches

There’s a Lake Tahoe beach waiting for you. Listen to the peaceful sound of those pure blue waters and feel your toes in the sand.   

Hiking Lake Tahoe

Hiking Views

The views get better the higher you climb in Lake Tahoe. Challenge yourself to experience the lake like few have.   

Sunset Spots

No two sunsets are ever the same. This is especially true in Lake Tahoe, where colors play off the lake and mountains to create a kaleidoscope of vibrant views that will last a lifetime.  

Travel Responsibly

Before embarking on a trip to Lake Tahoe, please take the Traveler Responsibility Pledge. It only takes a few minutes but will inspire you to help protect this magical place for generations to come. You’ll get actionable tip like participating in beach clean-up, drinking from a reusable bottle and more. Small steps can make a big difference 

Lake Tahoe Responsible Travel
Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe

Find and Book Lake Tahoe Hotels

Lake Tahoe can transform how you see the world. It’s time to take the next step and book your trip. There are plenty of accommodations to choose from – from luxury resorts to cozy cabins and everything in between. Find the one that fits you today.