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SUP Yoga in North Lake Tahoe

Last updated: August 2018

Like yoga and looking to really spice up your summer sporting activity calendar? Enter: SUP yoga classes in Tahoe City. Mountain Lotus Yoga & Massage have fused stand-up-paddleboarding and yoga, and the hybridization is sweeping through Lake Tahoe. Instead of rolling out the yoga mat in an indoor studio, yogis are taking their practice to the waters, finding that balancing on paddleboards makes yoga more challenging and more rewarding.

Beginning SUP yogis even find it easy to turn it into a dual sport activity, where a difficult yoga pose one minute effortlessly transitions into an unplanned swim in the waters of North Lake Tahoe the next. In other words, falling means you’re just taking a dip!


Other human-powered sports opportunities include mountain biking, road biking, paddleboarding, rafting and hiking. Summer is the high season for human-powered sports, whether it is flying through the mountain air on a silk strand, finding inner and physical balance on a paddleboard or simply hiking one of North Tahoe’s beautiful trails. Visit the “Outdoors” section of North Lake Tahoe’s website to connect to more information regarding all summer sporting opportunities.

Photo Credit: Chris Bartkowski