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Dual Season Days

Last updated: December 2023

Name: Dual Season Days

Location: North Lake Tahoe

Best Time of Year: Spring

From mountains to beaches, Spring in North Lake Tahoe means experiencing summer and winter in one day, which leads to more adventures in a single day than you ever thought possible! Check out our guide to how to get the most out of snow and surf thanks to Dual Days!

What Are Dual Days?

Dual Days are unique experiences in North Lake Tahoe, in which springtime travelers can take advantage of longer days with both snow and lakeside activities in one day. Here, it’s possible for adventure seekers to begin their day on the slopes at one of North Lake Tahoe’s 11 downhill resorts, and then end the day with summertime experiences on the iconic Tahoe shore.

Where Can I Experience Dual Days?

Thanks to the north shore’s abundance of ski resorts and scenic beaches, Dual Sport Days can be enjoyed in a number of places:

Insider Tips

  • Springtime is the most beautiful time in North Lake Tahoe — between the snow-capped mountaintops and the idyllic aquamarine waters, there is truly no better time to soak in the region’s scenery. Check out our Instagrammable Guide to find the best photo-worthy spots.
  • Pack plenty of sunscreen for the day! Whether you’re high in the mountains or down at the beach, the sun shines strong during spring, so be prepared.
  • Dress in layers to be ready for dual season weather; bring a coat, snow pants, helmet, gloves, and goggles for when you’re hitting the slopes, and pack a wetsuit if you’re planning to go stand up paddleboarding to be fully prepared for the chilly waters of Lake Tahoe.

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Dual Days in spring aren’t just limited to skiing and kayaking! Here are some other activities to capitalize on during longer spring days:

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