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North Lake Tahoe Experiences Significant Increase in Brand Awareness Among Los Angeles Residents

Last updated: January 2021


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North Lake Tahoe Experiences Significant Increase in Brand Awareness Among Los Angeles Residents


Research findings comparing 2017 to 2011 proved an increase in advertising efficacy and overall visitation patterns and perceptions of the destination


NORTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif./Nev. (Summer 2017) — The North Lake Tahoe Visitor’s Bureau has conducted a study in the Los Angeles marketplace about the destination’s recent advertising and integrated marketing communications performance, and has determined that the 2017 marketing campaign has yielded significant success for the destination.

Prepared by San Diego qualitative and quantitative research firm Strata Research, this study sought to measure North Lake Tahoe’s advertising efficacy, overall visitation patterns, and perceptions as of Q2 2017. The findings therein—described partly in North Lake Tahoe / Los Angeles Ad Tracking 2017 Executive Report—provide insight into regional resort awareness, location preferences within Lake Tahoe, travel preferences, brand awareness as well as any differences from past research findings.

Among consumers surveyed in the 25–54 age range, key takeaways from the research study as they pertain to visitors include the following:

North Lake Tahoe’s brand awareness has remained stable since 2011, whereas other competitive destinations have seen a significant decline in consumer recall.

52 percent of visitors said they booked overnight stays in North Lake Tahoe, a 17 percent increase from the 35 percent in 2011.

Since 2011 the belief that North Lake Tahoe is a “much better” resort destination in comparison to regional competition has tripled.

Unaided recall of the North Lake Tahoe advertisements has doubled since 2011, with future likelihood to visit increasing significantly as a direct result.

That North Lake Tahoe was an “ideal” location was the top reason for why consumers in this study would choose to visit; the destination is seen as “generally better” and more beautiful than competing locales.

Much of North Lake Tahoe’s success in terms of brand awareness in 2016–2017 can be attributed to a shift in tone where the region’s integrated marketing communications efforts are concerned. This shift is perhaps best articulated through the region’s adoption of the Human Nature campaign, which sought to bring key messages about North Lake Tahoe’s status as an ideal vacation “getaway,” as a unique destination with no shortage of activities appealing to an array of consumer personas, as a region with panoramic views and deep snow, and more. Focusing on a multi-dimensional campaign that emphasized North Lake Tahoe’s broad selection of experiential possibilities resulted in clear and significant growth in awareness and agreement with these messages in comparison to 2011.

While North Lake Tahoe’s advertising efforts yielded significant success for the brand, the brand’s human-centered, organic “storytelling” approach across other marketing communication channels also primed potential visitors for a positive and engaged impression of the region. In particular, it should be noted that most consumers surveyed indicated that they were most significantly impacted by messages about North Lake Tahoe on television, on the internet, and on Facebook.

The digital outreach categories in North Lake Tahoe’s marketing communications experienced the most significant percentile growth from 2011–2017. 74 percent of those surveyed reported being impacted by North Lake Tahoe messaging on the internet in 2017, compared to just 44 percent in 2011; 53 percent of those surveyed reported being impacted by North Lake Tahoe messaging on Facebook, up from only 17 percent in 2011. Facebook’s increasing relevance among North Lake Tahoe’s potential visitors and their positive impressions of the brand as it pertains to that digital platform speaks well to the region’s share of voice on social media.

More broadly, North Lake Tahoe as a destination has experienced no shortage of record-breaking circumstances throughout 2017. In the midst of this exciting period, more potential visitors than ever before have indicated that they are likely to visit the region and take advantage of its accommodations. At the same time, the region has seen its biggest, wettest recorded season (with over 750 feet of snowfall) and has experienced a major spike in overnight visits, beating nearby competition and previous regional records by nearly 20 percent.

Consumers are quickly coming to understand North Lake Tahoe as one of the country’s top vacation destinations. While the region’s snowfall, panoramic views and ski season remain top-of-mind for many consumers, it is clear that the multidimensional, experiential messaging strategy embarked upon over the last fiscal year has broadened perceptions about the destination. Now, visitors can see that North Lake Tahoe provides an excellent value proposition for every consumer group, year-round.




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