Sustainable Travel in Lake Tahoe

Make a Clear Difference

The beautiful natural environment of Lake Tahoe has attracted visitors for generations, and it’s easy to see why. From the sparkling, clear blue waters of the lake to the sweeping mountain peaks, the vistas and views found here are unparalleled. It is all our responsibility to travel sustainably and ensure we are doing our part to give back to the land whenever possible. When you travel to Lake Tahoe, we ask that you not only respect the environment around you — we ask that you make a clear difference by going above and beyond with sustainability efforts. Here’s how we can all do our part.

Paddleboarding in Lake Tahoe
Clean your Watercraft

Before bringing any kind of watercraft into the waters of Lake Tahoe, including inflatables, follow all the proper inspection guidelines to avoid causing invasive species contamination. Be sure you clean, drain and dry your watercraft, and get it fully inspected.

Lake Tahoe bears
Keep Wildlife Wild

Pack out what you pack in, stick to marked trails and adhere to any signage dictating parking or trash disposal. Keep wildlife wild by maintaining a safe distance, and do not feed them. Never leave food, gum, mints, or wrappers in your car.

Stay Fire Safe

It’s always wildfire season in Lake Tahoe. Consult fire regulations before lighting any outdoor fire, and note that fireworks and sparklers are strictly prohibited in the Tahoe Basin. Ensure campfires in approved fire rings are cooled before leaving the campsite.

Sledding at Granlibakken
Practice Slediquette

In the winter, practice good slediquette — dispose of any broken sleds in designated trash areas.  Consider renting sleds or snowtubes from a local business rather than bringing your own to support the Lake Tahoe economy.

Traveler Responsibility Pledge Lake Tahoe

Know Before You Go

Smart travel begins at home. Before your trip, it’s important to be aware of current weather conditions, any county or state alerts in place, travel requirements (such as snow chains) and more. Prep with our Know Before You Go guide.

Sustainability Superstars

What do these five people have in common? There are two answers — they all love Lake Tahoe, and they’re all Sustainability Superstars. In this blog series, we’ll take you through some shining examples of sustainable travelers who truly know how to make a clear difference in Lake Tahoe.

Amy Berry
Tahoe Tap water

Drink Tahoe Tap

Reusable bottles lower the number of single-use plastics, a major threat to the distinct clarity of the lake. They also give you easy access to “Tahoe Tap,” Lake Tahoe’s highly (99.994%) pure tap water. Refill for free across the region.

Spring and Summer Lake Tahoe TART


While you’re here, we strongly advise you to use public transportation services, such as TART Connect. This allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and help alleviate traffic congestion. The best part? It’s completely free.

Paddleboarding in Lake Tahoe

Take the Pledge

Are you ready to make your commitment to sustainable travel official? Take the Traveler Responsibility Pledge and show your care for the region by upholding these pillars every time you visit Lake Tahoe. Take the pledge today.

Community Partners & Resources

To keep the region preserved for generations to come, we need your help. Stay updated through local organizations including information on tourism, events, the Take Care Tahoe and Keep Tahoe Blue campaigns, UC Davis educational opportunities, Tahoe Fund sponsorships and information on the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.