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For the Real Relaxer: A Relaxing Escape to Lake Tahoe

We can all agree that sometimes, the stress and bustle of daily life gets to be too much. Whether you’re a full-time parent, a hardworking professional or anything in between, you’ve probably been putting off that much-needed break for a while now. Consider this your sign: take the break you deserve and escape to Lake Tahoe for an unforgettable three days of pure bliss.

Day One: Activities on the Lake

There’s a reason people save pictures of Lake Tahoe to use as their desktop backgrounds. The lake’s crystal blue waters almost seem too stunning to be real — but we promise, all 191 square miles are real and waiting for you to explore.

Once you sleep in a bit — after all, you’re on vacation — snag a quick coffee and breakfast before hitting the beach. Waterman’s Landing in Carnelian Bay is the perfect choice for a coffee stop before hitting the beach — and it puts you right within walking distance of the shore. Sun or snow, the shores of Lake Tahoe are the perfect place to take a few deep breaths and let your troubles melt away. When the weather is chillier, a stroll along the lakeshore or a snowshoeing excursion offers a unique opportunity to soak in Lake Tahoe’s best views as you bask in the peace and quiet. In the warmer months, an afternoon lounging on the beach is a must. There’s nothing like enjoying a little “you” time, feeling the sunshine on your face and listening to the gentle lapping of the water against the sandy shore. There are so many beaches to choose from, each offering a unique view of the lake and hidden places to fully relax. Check out the full list of Lake Tahoe beaches.

While it might be tempting to spend the whole afternoon lying on the beach, heading out onto the water offers its own kind of serenity. Explore the sparkling waters at your own pace with a stand-up paddleboard or kayak. Or, try your hand at a little fishing — you might even catch tonight’s dinner! Check out our visitor’s guide to Lake Tahoe fishing for more information.

After spending much of the day out in nature, a little refresh and reset might be in order. Luckily, you won’t have to leave those beautiful lake views behind to get it. Stop by Stillwater Spa at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort for a completely curated experience designed to address your mental, physical and spiritual needs, all in one. Indulge in a facial, experience the healing energy of light therapy and so much more. You’ll leave feeling like a brand-new person.

For some, relaxation means an elegant meal paired with a tasteful ambiance and excellent service. We’ve got that in spades: choose from any of Lake Tahoe’s fine dining establishments for a meal you’ll still be thinking about on the drive home. At restaurants such as Jake’s on the Lake, you’ll also be able to squeeze in some more lake views before the day is done. On the other hand, relaxation for some means comfort food in a casual setting — or taken home to be enjoyed in bed. We’ve got you covered there, too. Casual eateries such as Whitecaps Pizza in Kings Beach are great places to end your day before you call it a night and settle in for some well-earned rest.

Day Two: Activities on the Mountain

When you’re surrounded by serene mountain wilderness, it can be hard to remember that real life still exists — which is exactly what you want on a relaxing getaway.

Before you embark on your mountain escape, visit a local deli and pack a picnic for yourself. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself for this later. Tahoe Central Market offers a wide variety of fresh local produce and makes some seriously great sandwiches at their deli counter. Or, you can check out Sunshine Deli & Catering, and pick up your morning coffee, a decadent pastry or two, a handmade sandwich and more.

Once you’ve collected your supplies, it’s time to hike to the perfect picnic spot. Lake Tahoe offers plenty of hiking trails on the less challenging side of the spectrum, such as Stateline Lookout, which takes you to some incredible views for very little effort. Totaling only 1.7 miles, this trail is fully paved, and once you reach the top, you’re greeted with panoramic views of the entire Lake Tahoe area. The lookout even has a few telescopes you can utilize to get a closer look at the lake’s natural wonders.

When it’s warm, Lake Tahoe also offers some of the best golfing out there. Tee up some relaxation and enjoy an afternoon surrounded by stunning mountain views as you make your way through 18 holes of bliss. While any one of our golf courses is an excellent choice for your afternoon, if you happen to be teeing off at The Links Golf Course, you’ll be perfectly positioned to hit Everline Spa, as they’re both located at Everline Resort & Spa.

As the day winds to a close, you might still have time for one more incredible view. Although a sunset hike is guaranteed to be stunning all year round, sunsets around here are particularly incredible during the fall, when all the foliage turns into a kaleidoscope of brilliant shades. Watch the sun sink over the horizon and cast its last golden rays over the fiery hues of the trees from trails such as Ellis Peak, which overlooks Ellis Lake. This trail is suited to a wide variety of activities, so you can hike, bike or even ride horses along it.

Day Three: Activities on the Towns

To round out your relaxation, spend a day exploring all that our 12 unique towns have to offer. With so much to do you could even devote a whole day to each town — and don’t worry, we have itineraries detailing how to do that, too. (Pro-tip: the more towns you visit, the more badges you can earn, getting you one step closer to joining the 12 Towners Club!)

Start off with a sumptuous brunch at Fire Sign Cafe in Tahoe City, a family-owned establishment that’s been serving up some of Lake Tahoe’s best breakfast since 1978. Fun fact: it’s called “Fire Sign” because the original owners were fire signs themselves. According to the astrological zodiac, fire signs are fiercely passionate, and we can’t think of a better word to describe the folks behind this longtime favorite establishment. Enjoy classic breakfast dishes like Eggs Benedict or Challah Bread French Toast paired with a mimosa or two, and you’ll be ready to face your (ultra-relaxing) day. Their menu also features a wide range of vegan and vegetarian options.

Now that you’re fueled up and feeling energized, it’s time to engage in a little retail therapy. From chic, stylish boutiques to souvenir shops bursting with Lake Tahoe charm, you’ll find everything you could possibly want. After all, if you don’t take a few trinkets home, did the trip really happen?

The only thing better than a shopping trip is a shopping trip that includes a spa visit. At Well Being Massage & Gift Shop, you can experience full-body relaxation at the hands of their expert staff, and before you leave, you can hit their gift shop. Browse beautiful crystals of all kinds, from the chakra-balancing to the soul-soothing, as well as handmade jewelry and other conscious gift items. You can also check out Sage Spa + Apothecary + Shop and discover a whole world of spiritual healing you may not have been aware of. Explore energy therapy to regain your balance or give your skin the natural boost it needs with Lake Tahoe-sourced natural skincare. And before you leave, stock up on some essential oils and healing herbs to keep the relaxation going once you head home.

Plan to Play, Plan Your Stay

There is so much more to explore in Lake Tahoe. Check out all the ways you can play on your trip here, and consider extending your stay to make the most of all the region has to offer. Explore the rest of the Tahoe Trifecta here.


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