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  • Palisades Tahoe Mountain Adventures

    Treasure of Tahoe #13 Name: Palisades Tahoe Mountain Adventures Location: Olympic Valley Best Time of Year: Summer and Fall Elevate your summers when you take an aerial tram up to an alpine paradise! With heated pools and scenic hikes, high-altitude adventures at Palisades Tahoe mountain await! What Is It? The gateway to High Camp starts in Palisades Tahoe, where you’ll…

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  • Wish Upon a Star: Where to Stargaze in North Lake Tahoe

    When the sun bows behind its evening curtain call, and the stars appear for a midnight light parade—we encourage you to grab a thermos of your favorite something, and look up. This August, the annual Perseid Meteor Shower shoots bits of illuminated star dust through the sky, close enough for earthlings to enjoy. Stargazing is one of the hottest new…

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  • Summerlong Music

    Treasure of Tahoe #12 Name: Summerlong Music Location: North Lake Tahoe Best Time of Year: Summer What’s summer without the perfect soundtrack? North Lake Tahoe offers summerlong live music experiences, from weekly free music on the beach to music festivals in the mountains. Get ready to rock out with great live music all summer long! Upcoming Events: Lake Tahoe Shakespeare…

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  • Granlibakken Tahoe wellness yoga

    Spring into Adventure: Six Ways to Take Advantage of Longer Days in North Lake Tahoe

    Much like the flowers that begin to appear, North Lake Tahoe blooms in the spring. Not only does springtime guarantee sunny days and blue skies that perfectly compliment the snow, but spring also brings longer days with more hours of sunlight. With more hours of sunshine throughout the day comes more opportunities to fit adventure into your schedule, and maybe…

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  • Historic Hideaways

    Name: Lake Tahoe Historic Hideaways Location: Sand Harbor, Homewood, Tahoma, Olympic Valley Best Time of Year: Spring through Fall Take a step back in time with us around North Lake Tahoe, with historical landmarks that allow you to experience the region’s storied history. From lifestyles of the rich and famous to stars of the silver screen, check out these three…

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