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Treasures of Tahoe: The Tahoe Rum Trail

Name: Lake Tahoe Rum Trail Location: Incline Village, Carnelian Bay, Tahoe City, and Homewood Best Time of Year: Spring, Summer, and Early Fall Rum has become the unofficial beverage of choice for North Lake Tahoe, as it can be found in cocktails all around the lake. Follow the Tahoe Rum Trail around these six locations and raise your glass over Read More >

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5 Must-Snap Photos in North Lake Tahoe This Fall

All year round, North Lake Tahoe offers breathtaking views of land and waterscapes unlike anywhere else in the world. Framed by the humbling range of the Sierra Nevada, Tahoe’s crystal-clear expanse, thriving flora, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, and wondrous geological formations have captured the imaginations of photographers for years. While North Lake Tahoe is photogenic every season, something extra-special happens Read More >

One of Tahoe's greatest treasures are its panoramic views, like those found on the Tunnel Creek Trail!
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Treasures of Tahoe: Best Panoramic View

Lake Tahoe’s beauty is no secret, but many people have no idea where to enjoy it from above. Enter the Tunnel Creek Trail: home to the most beautiful panoramic view of Lake Tahoe, and a cheeky Monkey Rock. What Is It? The Tunnel Creek Trail is a 4.7-mile out-and-back hike located near Incline Village on the Tahoe Flume Trail. This Read More >

Stand-up paddleboarding is one of North Lake Tahoe's human-powered sports.
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Break a Sweat: Your Guide to Human-Powered Sports in North Lake Tahoe

There are plenty of ways to enjoy our beautiful mountain paradise. From epic panoramic views to a breathtaking lakeside, and everything in between, there are many reasons North Lake Tahoe is a special place. One of those reasons? North Lake Tahoe offers a plethora of Human-Powered Sports that get visitors out of their comfort zones and into a world of Read More >

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Top 7 High Altitude Training Locations in North Lake Tahoe

In many ways, North Lake Tahoe is the perfect training ground. With its high elevation, varied terrain and endless opportunity for human-powered sports, athletes of every fitness level can improve their overall physical fitness at the heart of the Sierra. For triathletes and obstacle racers—especially those participating in the Spartan Race World Championship Weekend, taking place September 29 through the Read More >

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Discover North Lake Tahoe’s Secret Season with 4 Local Secrets

North Lake Tahoe is rightly celebrated for its glorious snow-capped mountaintops in the winter and its pristine in the summer. While lesser-known, fall in North Lake Tahoe has its own kind of magic. With a range of fall-friendly sports, a thriving food and beverage scene, and no shortage of seasonal events, autumn is a prime time to explore the region. Read More >

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Taste North Lake Tahoe: Your Guide To Fall Flavors

North Lake Tahoe’s breathtaking beauty can be found as far as the eye can see. From epic panoramic views of the Sierra Nevada to the glittering expanse of the North America’s largest alpine lake, it's easy to find something to feast your eyes on in our mountain paradise. What you might not know is that, in Tahoe,you can experience feasting Read More >

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Unlock A New Adventure In North Lake Tahoe’s Mountains

Summer in North Lake Tahoe is like nowhere else. Here, you’ll find breathtaking beauty, groovy music, delectable dining, and dozens of other awesome adventures around every corner. Even better? When you make one of North Lake Tahoe’s resorts your homebase, all of the fun is literally right at your doorstep. Whether you’re with family, a group of friends, or going Read More >

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Make Mountain Memories This Summer In North Lake Tahoe

Home to dozens of breathtaking mountain views, sprawling resorts, delicious dining options, and family-friendly activities around every corner, North Lake Tahoe is the perfect place to make summer memories with the people you love most. Pack your bags, gather the gang and get ready for a summer of excitement. Plot your course through Tahoe’s peaks with the help of our Read More >

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Tahoe’s 5 Most Instagrammable Spots

North Lake Tahoe is beautiful year-round, making it a natural wonder for photographers of every skill level. Visually speaking, Tahoe is an especially exciting location, because there is plenty of terrain to navigate year-round—and lots of contrast. More terrain equals more photographic opportunities—and in the Instagram age, that’s a chance you don’t want to miss. Few can imagine a more stunning combination Read More >

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Crystal Waters, Wellness and Wanderlust: Your Tahoe Guide

WELLNESS: Noun. \ ˈwel-nəs \. "The quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal; lifestyles that promote wellness." In North Lake Tahoe, wellness is more than a buzzword. It's a way of life, so deeply embedded in the culture that you'd be hard-pressed to find a corner of the region that doesn't offer some Read More >

Enjoy these amazing North Lake Tahoe resorts!
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Your Guide to North Lake Tahoe’s 12 Downhill Resorts

North Lake Tahoe: precious sapphire of the Sierra, home to eclectic locals, and site of some of the region's most jaw-dropping resorts. Naturally, this picturesque region—packed with ski-runs, panoramic views and some of the best après-ski culture in the nation— is ideal for anyone looking to get away for the winter. But with 12 downhill resorts, the highest concentration in Read More >

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7 Reasons to Explore Wellness in North Lake Tahoe

It's time to get out of the office and into the mountains where you can unplug and hit reset. When you blend wellness with travel, you not only experience the best a place has to offer, but you feel rejuvenated when returning home. A trip to North Lake Tahoe is the perfect ticket for finding your center no matter what Read More >

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The Ultimate Backcountry Guide: Gear and Outfitting

Photo Credit: Chris Bartowski This week, Australian transplant turned Tahoe powder hound, Jason Layh, of Alpenglow Sports takes over the North Lake Tahoe social channels for an in-depth look into everything backcountry. Layh has chased snow all over the world, including parts of Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan and the United States. He now works at Alpenglow Sports, a North Tahoe Read More >

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Take the Lake by Storm with Human-Powered Sports

Go hiking in the mountains, paddleboard in the lake or bike along the road through stunning alpine passes. There are so many activities to do in North Lake Tahoe, but where to start? It can be a little bit intimidating to take on a new sport. For example, stand up paddleboarding. Where are boards available to rent? Where are the Read More >